How Government Killed the Medical Profession

How Government Killed the Medical Profession

Rising health care costs are putting a major strain on every American's wallet but does the populace really understand why? System coding and billing adjustments made by doctors in order to make top dollar on your illness is the underlying factor. When system coding came into play in the 90's, it's purpose was to make every doctors final bill somewhat equal in value, whether you see a specialist or a nurse.

Services have diminished, more often than not, patients are seen by students or nurses rather than the necessary doctors and are inundated with medical bills for procedures and tests that are unnecessary, all so the hospital or doctors office can make the most off of every patients insurance.

I've noticed, in my recent trips to the urgent care during flu season, with insurance the doctors ran several tests and even a chest x-ray only to send me home with bed rest and a flu diagnosis. When I returned four days later with the same symptoms but paying out of pocket, I was administered a $10 rapid flu test (which came back negative) and left with a prescription for an antibiotic that had me back on my feet within 48 hours.

If this isn't direct proof of the coding system gone wrong, what is? Continue on the next page to see what a veteran general surgeon has to say about the forgery behind the coding system.

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