Gov. Abbott: ‘Soros Helping Obama Buy Way Back Into Power’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott came out swinging against George Soros and Obama for conspiring to gerrymander Texas voting districts to swing the notoriously conservative state in the favor of the blue party of Jackasses in the 2021 elections.

In a scathing editorial yesterday, Gov Abbott confirmed the long held speculations that Soros has been attempting to meddle in our elections and control Obama.

“The GOP needs to take the Soros network and the Holder, Obama, and Pelosi alliance seriously.”

Democrats in D.C have a plan B, led by Obama, and funded by Soros. Read excerpts from the explosive editorial on the next page. The accusations being leveraged by Gov Abbott are damning and right on the money. Who’d have believed Obama was willing to go to such lengths to obey his master in order to destroy conservatives?! Everyone will after reading this eye opening, terrifying document on the global agenda to create a new socialist world order!




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