Gorka: ‘Wake Up, America, the War Is Here’

As the connection between the Orlando nightclub mass shooting and radical Islam becomes clearer, Dr. Sebastian Gorka says it's time for all Americans – particularly President Obama – to recognize the threat posed by jihadists.

“In the past 15 years, we haven't seen an Episcopalian suicide bomber. We haven't seen Zoroastrian mass murderers. We've seen Muslim extremists,” Gorka said. “If you deny that, you are in a fantasy land, and you're endangering American citizens.”

Gorka said that he hopes the horrific attack in Orlando – which left at least 50 people dead and dozens wounded – will be the event that finally makes the Obama administration understand that it is no longer a time for political correctness.

“Whether it's the Chattanooga shooter, whether it's the Ft. Hood killer, whether it's the San Bernardino killers or this individual, they are all linked,” Gorka said. “They are linked by the ideology of global jihadism.”

Obama seems to have a problem even saying “Islamic terrorism,” preferring instead to call it domestic or workplace violence in spite of the commonality of almost every one of these events. Political correctness does not help protect Americans, and it prevents resources from being directed towards the real problem. The problem is radical Islam and it's ideology of a worldwide caliphate or rule, with the subjection or execution of all apostates and non-believers in Islam. In fact, one senior Muslim official of Muslims of the Americas stated that there are at least 35 Muslim only communities in the U.S. that are terrorist training camps on U.S. soil preparing for the battle.

Obama needs to stop making excuses or get out of the way. The war is already here. Obama's pandering to the Islamic community, and excusing radical Islamic behavior truly invites the nation to question where his loyalties lie, with the safety and protection of America, or in helping Islam entrench and grow in the U.S. It is high time for Obama to declare war on radical Islam and really mean it.

Source: insider.foxnews.com



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