Gore Training Climate Change Zombie Army

media zombie

The modern world is collapsing around us and we must change our ways, according to the former US vice president, who has led the training of more than 5,000 people in the last 18 months.

Do recall that we are all under water. Gore predicted ice caps were eliminated as early as 2001.

At each session, he delivers an updated version of his patently fraudulent Academy Award-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” using the faked news footage and startling doctored videos to show how false statistics can prove the very fossil fuels that have powered so much innovation are leading to the demise of society.

Catastrophic events that never occur are something to fear. Air so hot it melts airport runways, floodwaters that crumble roads and bridges, methane that blows terrifying holes in Siberia and air pollution so thick it has shortened life expectancy in China by several years featured prominently during his three-hour presentation in Miami this week.

The world is always ending with Gore. But, people still listen to Chicken Little.

“The world that we have built was built for different conditions,” Gore told about 1,000 people who came from 80 countries to attend the three-day climate training session.

Wow, a thousand people? Give it up, Al

At times, he lamented killer heat waves, parching drought, a media that doesn’t connect the dots between extreme weather and global warming, and what he called “crazy short-term thinking” among politicians who deny that climate change is occurring.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that we are going to get on rocket ships and go to Mars and live in hermetically sealed buildings. We couldn’t even evacuate the city of New Orleans when a hurricane hit there,” he said.

In Florida, where sea level rise threatens the drinking water, the tourist-friendly beaches and billions of dollars in infrastructure, Gore arrived just as Monday’s super moon coincided with high tide, flooding some streets in Miami.

Source: Newsmax

The scientists have long since told us we have to change,” Gore said.
Yes, East Anglia University scientists were all proven frauds by their own words.

“But now, Mother Nature is saying it with water in the streets in this city.” Yes, that is a one time natural event.

The Climate Leadership Reality Corps Training aims to teach people to give similar but shorter presentations in their own communities, each lasting around 20 minutes, so that they can educate others and encourage conservation and renewable energies.

Attendees in Miami were charged no fee to participate, but once their applications were approved, they were required to pay for their own food, lodging and travel.

On the second day, Gore led a panel discussion with leading scientists, including NASA expert Eric Rignot, who warned that 20 30 feet (six to nine meters) of sea level rise is considered inevitable, although it’s unclear when this will eventually happen.

It will happen likeā€¦never. Good luck, Al.




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