Gore Caught in Bald-Faced Lie About Climate Change

Although the moon is the primary cause of the rising Florida tides, it is not the only cause, as The Right Scoop reports:

‘Brad Diehl, a meteorologist with the NWS in Miami, said high tides could cause minor flooding through Thursday and then slowly withdraw as the moon enters its waning gibbous phase.

But it’s not just the moon causing streets to turn runny, Diehl said.

Easterly winds pushing water onshore, normal seasonal changes, sea level rise and a slower Gulf Stream also are to blame.

‘There are all kinds of subtle things that contribute to the higher tides,' Diehl said. “This kind of thing can be hard to predict.'”

Looks like somebody didn't do their homework, Mr. Gore. Let's hope he remembers this embarrassing incident the next time he's talks about climate change.

Source: The Right Scoop



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