GOP Stirs Up Clinton-Sanders Tensions

GOP Stirs Up Clinton-Sanders Tensions

There are two words that usually come to mind at the mention of the Democratic Party, corrupt and hypocritical. Okay, so there are several others, stupidity definitely among them. However, if there's one thing that at every democratic governor, senator or president has shared in common, it's the amount of skeletons they keep in their closets. Chief among those skeleton keepers is Hillary Clinton, presidential hopeful and professional liar. An email the Republican National Committee sent to the media, allegedly shows the Democratic National Committee was plotting to make Hilary Clinton president and not a regular candidate.

The story is based on a blog posting by somebody named “Guccifer 2.0” and is part of a trove of leaked documents by Russian government hackers. Though the DNC is denying these claims, it falls in nicely with statements by a DNC official, which claim that documents were stolen in a “breach” and he even went as far as to claim that it was part of a Russian “disinformation campaign”.

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