How the GOP Sabotaged Trump’s Voter Registration Drive

How the GOP Sabotaged Trump’s Voter Registration Drive

Conservatives never doubted that the GOP establishment detested Donald Trump to his very core, but even the most loyal Republican will be infuriated at what the party's leaders have done to spite him.

When Trump first threw his hat into the ring, party insiders accused him of being a self-serving huckster who would ditch the GOP in the event that he were to lose its nomination for the presidency. After throwing Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and any number of forgettable politicians at him, however, the Donald held his ground and sailed to victory at the Republican National Convention.

Now, these hypocritical RINOs are turning around and basically saying that maybe their own party doesn't deserve to win if the vast majority of its members picked Trump to represent them. While this is obnoxious on its own, the way they are acting on it is nothing short of duplicitous.

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