GOP Lawmaker Warns: Obama “Has Really Hollowed out the Military”

GOP Lawmaker Warns: Obama “Has Really Hollowed out the Military”

A GOP lawmaker, Rep. Michael Turner, who sits on the House Armed Services and Intelligence Committees, spoke out against the increasing threats that face the country, and how vulnerable he thinks we are to them.

The Hill reports that Turner spoke about his plan to build a missile-defense system on the Eastern Seaboard in order to protect the continental United States. He believes that having a defensive system in addition to the countries offensive capabilities is the best plan, so far, compared to the disaster Obama has made for them by “hollowing out the military.”

Turner says Iran and North Korea are looking to be able to reach the United States with their missile technology, and that Obama “hollowed out” the military through budget cuts from sequestration thus leaving the “capabilities of our military” to “decline significantly.”

There is nothing that makes a country look more weak than a leader who has no respect for it, when will it stop?

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