GOP Lawmaker: ‘More People Have Died from Knowing Hillary’ Than From Coronavirus

Wisconsin GOP state legislator, Gae Magnafici, made a joke on Twitter that Hillary Clinton has taken out more people than novel coronavirus. Although many of her constituents are up in arms, the Republican has refused to take the tweet down.

Gae Magnafici, who spent 35 years as a nurse before winning office in Wisconsin’s 28th Congressional District, responded to a tweet admonishing President Trump’s lack of response to the coronavirus by suggesting that “more people have died from knowing Hillary.”

Magnafici’s office told PolitiFact that the tweet was in jest, with staffer Tyler Ellisen dismissing the statement as “clearly a joke.”

The death toll in the United States from the coronavirus at the time of Magnafici’s tweet was in the low 30s. The number at the time of this writing now stands at 48. The coronavirus has caught up with conspiracy theorists’ propounded number of around 50.

Source: Washington Examiner




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