GOP Congressman: President Trump ‘Partially to Blame’ for Shooting of House Whip Scalise

Rep Mark Sanford (R – SC) told MSNBC that President Trump is at fault for the volatile political environment taking over D.C.

He had gone on to MSNBC’S Morning Joe to discuss the VA shooting yesterday that left Rep Scalise and 4 others seriously injured. Liberal hysteria is starting to get to Rep Sanford. It is sad. Very sad! That at the 1st sign of physical danger Rep Sanford’s instinct is not to continue draining the swamp, fighting liberal hysteria and fake news, finish defeating the establishment ruling D.C.

Rep Sanford instead went on a liberal trash-show to publicly tell the nation that he to would start blaming President Trump for everything. He too would not be above stooping to the depraved moral depths of using a shooting of his congressional colleague to point out President Trump is the reason for all evil. He too will at least pretend to a little liberal sissy begging for protection instead of being a leader.

Liberals hate guns. Rep Scalise was going to go vote on legislation that would make it easier for gun owners to buy suppressors. What did the deranged left do to protest gun control? Sent out an elderly leftist nut-job with the support of his equally crazy wife to go be another planted killer to terrorize the voting public into getting behind the Democratic party.

How in any way was the shooting President Trump’s fault? He had nothing to do with the left glorifying murdering President Trump and other prominent Republicans. He had nothing to do with the left working to mobilize and arm violent socialist groups like Antifa. He has nothing to do with Hollywood and the media running fake news 24/7 to get the work worked into hysterical fits of liberal rage over nonexistent narratives.

Why? Why? Why is Rep Sanford insinuating that this shooting is in any way President Trump’s fault? Because to everyone else, Rep Sanford, it looks like you’re a scared little bitch crawling on your hands and knees trying to suck-up to the HOGS. Just you’re groveling before MSNBC was enough to get all of the liberal MSNBC news anchors egos off. So, yes, you might get on the Democrats “good little Republican sissy” list. But, you’ll probably never win another Republican election again. As your voters didn’t vote to watch that pathetic little charade that just went down on MSNBC. Did you South Carolina? Did you? Is this really who you want representing you in these times? Really? That’s the best you have to offer? Because if so that’s pathetic.

Watch the video and see this destructing spectacle for yourselves.



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