Bizzare: Google Barges Appearing On US Coasts

Bizzare: Google Barges Appearing On US Coasts

We are seeing more and more barges owned by Google appearing on our coasts.

What in the world could these be for?

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — After KPIX 5 reported on Google’s mysterious project on a barge off Treasure Island, reports have surfaced of the tech giant building similar floating structures outside of the Bay Area.

A report appearing in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald showed shipping containers stacked on a barge in Maine – with the structure appearing virtually identical to the Bay Area barge. Also, an unconfirmed report suggested a Google barge is taking shape in New London, Connecticut.

On Friday, the tech website CNET first disclosed the barge building and speculated Google might be building a floating data center to house server banks on the water. KPIX subsequently reported Friday evening Google is actually building the floating structures to market Google Glass — the cutting edge wearable computer that the company has under development.

“They’re building on both coasts,” said a source familiar with the Google project.



Source: KPIX CBS News


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