Glenn Beck: Trump is Working on Behalf of Hillary

Glenn Beck thinks Donald Trump is not running in good faith, but is employed by the Clinton campaign to sabotage the Republican candidacy race.

“What are the odds that he is a spoiler? What are the odds that he got into this because he’s friends with the Clintons and he’ll get massive payback?” Beck reportedly asked on his Tuesday radio program. “Do you know the favor they’re going to owe him?”

Polls indicate that Trump would be more than competitive against Clinton in a general election. For instance, Trump leads Clinton by five points in the most recent Fox News poll. And in a November New York Times/CBS News poll, Democrats said the GOP candidate they feared the most against Clinton was Trump.

Beck has had it out for Trump—and his supporters—from the outset.

This is par for the course for Beck. When Newt Gingrich posed a threat to GOP establishment darling Mitt Romney during the 2012 election cycle, Beck claimed Gingrich was a “progressive” and accused his supporters of being racists as well.

Source: Breitbart

This seems more like a ploy for Beck to get some attention from the press. Donald Trump has a history of going his own way and doing what he thinks is right. If Glenn Beck has a problem with it, he can get in line with the rest of the Liberal media.



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