Glenn Beck: Ted Cruz Can Fullfill “White Horse Prophecy”

There certainly have been many points in our nation's history where people have had to stand up for the Constitution and defend the principles on which the Founders built this country.  The stakes are indeed high in this election year, as the next President will either continue the destruction of the Constitution that Obama began, or he will fight to restore her back to the fundamental bedrock upon which America was founded.

At a rally for Cruz in Utah, Glenn Beck addressed the crowd and argued that today was the time for the faithful to rise up and stand for the Constitution.

“I want to speak to you about something that may be controversial. And it’s not something that I have said when I have been out for Ted [Cruz] and now Mike [Lee]. But it’s something that this crowd needs to hear – that Utah needs to hear. The body of the priesthood is known to stand up when the Constitution hangs by a thread,” Beck said.

Generations of Mormons – from Brigham Young to Glenn Beck – have repeatedly used that phrase about the Constitution hanging by “a thread” to signal their belief in Smith’s prophecy or some variation thereof, in which the Mormon faithful will play a key role in defending the Constitution.

A long defender of the “White Horse Prophecy”, Beck stepped up his game and expressly spoke of his faith in this Utah setting.

“I want to tell you this. Another thing I shouldn’t say, but I’m going to. I believe in the Book of Mormon. I don’t know about you guys. But I believe in the Book of Mormon. And that was written for a time to tell people what it would look like when it was all coming undone — so His People, who were called by His name, could humble themselves and He would heal our land. I believe in that. The question is: do you believe in that? Prepare for a time of miracles.”

Beck has called out, chastised Christians, for not supporting Ted Cruz.  He told the Utah audience:

“There are many people of many faiths – good friends of mine — that are standing with the Constitution. But there are also many Christians who are failing in their duty.”

“This is the role you play. I testify to you right now. The role you play – you are fulfilling the prophecy of George Washington when he stood at the Constitutional Convention at that Philadelphia moment and he said, ‘Let’s raise a standard to which the wise and the honest will run to.’ That is you. That is your responsibility. Vote for Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. God bless you.”

Whether one has any affinity to Beck's religion, his underlying message of fighting for the Constitution has value across all religions, races and creeds.  Beck certainly agrees with Edmund Burke, who once said,  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

Source: Breitbart




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