Glenn Beck Says He ‘Hates’ 9/11 Victims Families

Glenn Beck Says He ‘Hates’ 9/11 Victims Families

Glenn Beck's recent comments about Donald Trump have gotten him into hot water, but it's hardly the first time the radio shock jock has made inflammatory remarks.

During one broadcast, Beck came out swinging against a group he determined to be the most worthy of condemnation at the time: families of 9/11 victims. Yes, instead of, say Al Qaeda or some other violent group that perpetrated acts like the September 11th terrorist attacks, Beck decided to attack the people most hurt by said acts.

Of course, the former Fox News host said that he didn't hate all the 9/11 victims' families. Just “like 10 of them” because they were always “whining” and “saying we didn't do enough for them.”

Although he didn't dare specify which of the many families were the ones he was criticizing, Beck insisted that they existed and “ruined” it for the rest of the families. How “considerate” of him.

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