Glenn Beck Prefers “Democratic Socialist” Sanders Over Trump

Glenn Beck Prefers “Democratic Socialist” Sanders Over Trump

Glenn Beck, once hailed by some as “too conservative,” has finally endorsed a presidential candidate after 40 years of staying out of the endorsement game, and his top pick is unlikely to surprise many… but things get interesting down-list.

After announcing his selection of Ted Cruz at a rally held by the candidate, he elaborated on his selection by explaining why he doesn’t consider others candidates in the race as presidential material.

Highest on Glenn Beck’s hit list is Donald Trump, who would “snowball to hell,” if elected.

The list goes on, albeit with less inflammatory language: Ben Carson isn’t ready, Rand Paul can’t win, Marco Rubio doesn’t have the right policies, and Bernie Sanders is an honest, likable guy.

Wait, what?

Indeed, after trashing Donald Trump’s ability to govern, he complimented socialist Bernie Sanders.

Glenn Beck, it seems, will take anyone but Trump, even the anti-conservative on the Democrat side.

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