Giuliani Says Flat Out “Joe Biden is a Crook”, “If We Can’t Prosecute Him, We Do Not Have Justice in America”

The feisty New Yorker came straight out and declared that Joe Biden is a crook.

GIULIANI: Yes, I wanted them to investigate. Yes, I wanted them to investigate it because it would help to exculpate my client. It had nothing to do with dig up dirt on Biden.

It was handed to me in November of 2018. The Biden family pulled somewhere between $8 million and $20 million out of Ukraine, totally corruptly. Biden was involved in two massive bribes. Zlochevsky bribed him. He bribed Poroshenko. He disgraced the United States of America. And Nadler should be ashamed for covering up for him.

He also did the same thing, by the way, Biden did in Iraq where he was point man and his brother got a piece of it, $1.5 billion housing project. And he did the same thing in China when he was point man. And the kid got a $1.5 billion investment from China in a hedge fund for himself, Kerry’s kid and Whitey Bulger’s nephew.

Biden is so dirty that you and I would have had him indicted six months ago. And Nadler is doing what a hack Democrat usually does. He’s covering up for a crook.

I don’t care if he was Vice President. I don’t care if he’s running for President of the United States. I’ll say it straight out, Joe Biden is a crook. And he sold out the United States of America in Iraq, in Ukraine, in China, and if we can’t prosecute him, we do not have justice in America.


Source: Breitbart



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