Gitmo Terrorist Has Profile “Detained But Ready To Mingle”

al-Afghani on American culture:

“This is terrible news about Ashley Madison please remove my profile immediately!!! I’ll stick with… There is no way I can get Tinder in here,” he wrote.

According to Al Jazeera, al-Afghani doesn’t have an Ashley Madison account, but there is a account in his name where he is listed as “detained but ready to mingle.”

He also commented on the reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, saying that he’s “happy for her because people are born how they are.”

But al-Afghani questioned, “How is she a Republican? They want to take her rights away.” He added, “Tell her to use spray tan for her legs.”

Pretty informed for a guy who is in Gitmo, who is supposed to be a radicalized terrorist.  Being sympathetic to the new Caitlyn Jenner, coming from the world’s religion that punishes “gays” by beheading them, al-Afghani supporting a trans-gender reality star is surprising.  How nice must it be at Gitmo for this guy to be as informed as any American citizen.  Maybe segregating a portion at Gitmo for real vacations might help decrease the national debt.  I hear the weather there this time of year is fabulous, and I hear they offer sports like basketball and soccer .  Muhammad Al-Afghani also had this to say:

“Donald Trump is an idiot!!! Sen. McCain is a war hero. Trump is a war zero,” wrote al-Afghani in a letter from June.

“How can a racist run for president?” al-Afghani wrote in a letter, several of which were obtained by Al Jazeera.

“At this rate, Hillary [Clinton] has a chance,” al-Afghani added

For his own written statements to his lawyer go here.  The sad thing, there will be oodles of psychiatric cases wanting to canoodle with this guy on  Where he claims his location is “detained but ready to mingle”.

Source: Breitbart News



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