Gitmo Detainee Released By Obama Joins Al-Qaeda as Commander in Yemen

After a short stint in Sudanese prison, Ibrahim al Qosi was released. The American people were told things like he is just bin Laden's cook, he was low level, blah blah blah. The excuses for releasing prisoners like him were endless.

This week Ibrahim al Qosi appeared in an al-Qaeda video. In fact, this low-level cook appeared in al-Qaeda video an he was starring as al-Qaeda leader. It appears that Ibrahim al Qosi has achieved the American dream and risen from lowly to cook to leader of al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Ibrahim al Qosi was too “lowly” for us to bother with and making him uncomfortable was a unfashionable in Washington D.C. The Jihadists overseas seemed to think he was good enough to lead their fight against Saudi Arabia.

The next time we hear that it's time to release more Gitmo detainees, let's take the time to remember what is was like when America captured murderers and jihadists and didn't unleash them upon the world.

Source: FreeBeacon



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