Hillary Says Kim Kardashian is ‘Inspirational’

On the night she should have been taking notes, during the GOP debate, she was instead enamored with Kim Kardashian, at a Hollywood fundraiser.  Her comments were nothing more than shallow in regard to the meeting.

“I really enjoyed meeting her,” Clinton told Mario Lopez. “I really found her to be warm and personable. She had a nice way of introducing her husband, as if I didn’t know who he was, right. I enjoyed seeing her with her daughter.”

On the one hand, her handlers are attempting to make her appear more personable by sharing this interview, however, let’s face it, this was a photo-op to gain Hollywood support.

Hillary’s own ability to inspire seems to be dwindling and this time she will stand in the spot light of another who has an odd way of inspiring the Hollywood crowd.

“I certainly think many people see her as someone who gets up every day and tries to figure out how to make that day successful,” Clinton said.

So, if one climbs out of bed each day and does life, Hillary will say it is inspired?  Shallow.  Find a real heroine Hill and learn from her.

Source: The Daily Caller




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