“Get Off Our Land”: John McCain Gets Chased Out Of Town

The protesters were, of course, angry about the EPA spilling millions of gallons of toxic waste into the Animas and San Juan Rivers and the government’s do-nothing response.

“I keep saying when are we going to hear from the White House? Not a word,” Begaye said, according to Native News. “When somebody wins the Super Bowl or an NBA Championship, they get a call, right? And when something like this happens and people are suffering, nothing.”

“This is just one mine out of hundreds and there’s no Superfund designation,” Vice President Nez said. “Right now, we don’t trust the U.S. EPA’s data and their collection.”

Video purports to show protesters “chasing McCain off the Navajo Nation” while they yelled “get off our land.”

Protesters held anti-McCain signs outside the museum. (Image source: KPNX-TV)

Check out McCain as he is forced to flee from protesters on the next page:




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