Germany’s Energy Dilemma – is U.S. Far Behind?

Germany’s Energy Dilemma – is U.S. Far Behind?

Following the disaster at Fukushima, Japan 4 years ago, Germany’s leaders decided to phase out nuclear power. Now, the nation faces a major quandary. Charging down the politically correct, global warming path and radically cut greenhouse gas emissions, they find a problem. Because they are dropping nuclear power, over 40% of the country’s electricity production now hinges on coal.

Germany’s leaders ambitiously want to cut CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020. To do this, the plan calls for renewable energy to provide at least 80% of electricity by 2050. That’s a massive leap from the current level of 25%. That includes onshore wind farms, off shore wind farms, hydroelectric, and biomass (which is the largest contributor at 11% — that’s a lot of poop). Good luck with that one. Read more on the next page.

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