Germany Lowers Education Standards To Benefit Migrants

The German interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, has announced a plan to lower education standards to benefit migrants.

One of the greatest barriers to integration for new migrants is access to jobs, which in highly developed Germany requires a qualified workforce — something which newcomers almost entirely are not.

To counter this problem federal interior minister Thomas de Maizière has said the standards long exacted at state run schools will have to be dropped, as the system struggles to provide for the tens of thousands of new, unplanned-for pupils .

Rapidly growing class sizes as Germany’s young population balloons and the number of teachers and classrooms available fails to catch up are now officially accepted as a fact of life by the German government. Former staff are to be brought out of retirement to teach German to migrants, and present staff are being asked to work extensive unpaid overtime,reports

Advocating dropping the high educational standards that have helped Germany’s highly skilled workforce to flourish, Thomas de Maizière said education should be more “improvised with common sense” to help migrants. He said he hoped the change wouldn’t be a “permanent lowering of standards”, and recruiting more teachers would allow the country to return to balance.

With 20,000 new teaching positions needing to be created, such change is likely to be extremely expensive for the German taxpayer.

Source: Breitbart

Whatever “common sense” the interior minister is talking about doesn’t feel very common and in fact smacks more of guilty appeasement than smart domestic policy. But who can blame just the Germans?

The entire European Union is responsible for agreeing to harbor this flood of migrants which have slowly strained the European nations into a lower standard of living and quality of life. Appeasing them is not the answer. With ever step to make life easier for these migrants, a new gang rape or terrorist attack is struck, followed closely by thinly-veiled demands for more benefits and more aid provided to migrants. The citizens of Europe are victims to a nefarious program of oppression and appeasement that will only lead to a collapse and total capitulation to a new Muslim caliphate.



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