Germany Considers Using Internal Army to Combat Terrorism

If the governments of Europe cannot or will not protect their citizens from terrorist attacks, then perhaps the citizens will be forced to protect themselves.

At a press conference, Germany's former Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Horst Seehofer stated that Germany is facing a “new dimension of terror”, while Bavaria is increasing that state's police force. Horst suggested that the German army “could be used to aid police in dealing with major terror threats”.

The debate over whether to deploy the Bundeswehr domestically should not wait “until the next attack happens,” he stressed, as quoted by General-Anzeiger. Lawmakers in Berlin are also discussing the possibility of establishing “troops of reservists” to aid police during internal crisis situations, German media outlet Bild reported, citing its own sources.

In July, Germany approved its new military roadmap, the White Paper, which allows for the use of the German army inside the country in cases of large-scale terror attacks.

Officials in Germany are now also pushing for greater controls and screenings for asylum seekers. “We need to know who is in our country,” Seehofer said on Tuesday, insisting that the authorities should now consider various ways dealing with refugees that commit crimes.

“You have to seriously consider how such people should be treated if they violate laws or pose a threat,” he told Suddeutsche Zeitung, adding that the country cannot retreat from terror out of a sense of “prudence.”

Officials in Germany are considering deploying the army inside the country in the wake of multiple attacks, while the governor of Bavaria says Islamic terror has already “arrived.”

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