Germany Admits to Losing 130,000 Migrants

Germany Admits to Losing 130,000 Migrants

When German Chancellor Merkel first invited refugees into Europe as aylum seekers, under the Dublin agreement, they were required to go through the government’s vetting process that involved the state’s ‘EASY’ system, operated by the German Ministry For Migration and Refugees.

In 2014, the plan was that for every one in five asylum seekers that entered Germany, they would be sent back to the country where they had first entered the EU. Later, in 2015 that same ratio fell to one out of ten.

Why? Well, one lawmaker from the Left Party asked the German Government the same thing, to which the government responded that “13 percent of asylum seekers did not turn up at the reception centers they had been directed” to.

Perhaps the refugees have gone home already? This is Germany’s pathetic hope.

How could Germany prepare to receive so many immigrants if their vetting process couldn’t even run right? Perhaps, Germany was working with someone who wanted this all along.

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