Germans Panic as Most People on the Street are Muslim

Transcript from the video:

“I thought I was the only one who’s in a bad mood because of this.”

“None of us want this. We’re all scared.”

“What is this? How will this be in 100 years?”

“This is not my life. It just shows you how many of them are here already.”

“Now there’s another 1.5 million who came this year.”

“Every year 2-3 million arrive.”

“It’s generally about foreign infiltration.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“We won’t dress like we do now.”

“Here, no! They won’t take anything from me!”

“Look, when I walk through the streets of the city, it’s only foreigners!”

“There are walking 50 foreigners and I only see one European face.”

“Look at the women! They’re all veiled!”

“This is our future.”

“Merkel says we’ll make it!”

“Yes we’ll make it! We’ll make it to our collective doom!”

“No, we won’t make it.”

These woman reflect the general consensus of the facts on the ground in Germany.  Angela Merkel has allowed the Syrian refugees liberally into Germany.  Merkel, it can be said, is displaying a trust that might be the doom for Germany.  If Germany's leaders are demonstrating their openness to foreigners and peoples of  so called persecution due to Germany's black spot in history under Hitler, it's very misguided.

Germany is strategically located as a gateway country to all of western Europe.  For years, Germany post World War II has been a haven for terrorists.  It's time the German leaders catch up to 2015, and get out of 1945.  Basing your immigration policy on some guilt and political correctness will effectively obliterate Germany as a nation, and in its place will be an ISIS nation.

Source: Breitbart News



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