German TV Channel Puts The Islamic Star and Crescent on Their Logo

German television station Tele 5 has changed their logo to a German flag overlaid by the Islamic star-and-crescent.

Tele5 justified the move on Twitter this afternoon, saying that it was a symbol “expressing our sympathy to the victims of yesterday’s attack,” on German tourists in Istanbul. The attack in Istanbul took the lives of 10  tourists, mostly Germans, in Sultanahmet square, a tourist location near the Blue mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Since tweeting their justification for their actions the Tele5 twitter has been full of mixed reactions and with outright criticism, leading user @EberhardFuchs to comment, “is it not inappropriate to to put an Islamic symbol on the German flag after an Islamist attack?”

The response from Tele5 stated, “we find it rather unfortunate that the half moon crescent has become a symbol of fear. The hilal [crescent] is not a sign of terror.” 

It is “rather unfortunate” that Muslim extremism has become epitomized with the symbol of the religion. ISIS and Muslim extremists don’t represent the religion, but they do ostensibly act on behalf of it. The German-Muslim community should ask Tele 5 to remove the symbol and take the responsibility of restoring good relations with German Christians and others in their own hands.
Source: Breitbart



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