German Scientist Confirms NASA Fiddled Climate Data

German Scientist Confirms NASA Fiddled Climate Data

If you step outside, you will notice the atmosphere is not on fire and the ocean hasn’t welled up to your doorstep. You may even by inclined to say that the oft-spouted liberal line that global climate change exists actually doesn’t. It turns out, you’re right.

Professor Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert, a retired geologist and data computation expert, has discovered through private research that NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies has fudged the numbers on raw temperature data in order to invent the trend of global warming.

While the average temperature of Australia has gone up 0.6339°C since 2000, the rest of the globe has actually been cooling. From 1940 until today, the average temperature of the globe has fallen by 1.110°C, and since 2000 it has fallen 0.4223°C. Not exactly the end of the world, as the liberal mainstream media would want you to believe.

Prof. Ewert remarked that the scale of the change perpetrated by NASA is ‘unbelievable’.

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