German Police Officer Blows Whistle on Arab ‘Mafia’ Infiltration of German Police Dept, State Services

German Chancellor Angela Merkel doesn’t seem to be very concerned that many migrants aren’t assimilating well into Western society.

To most folks this is a little unnerving considering the one common denominator all radical Muslim groups share is the desire to rebuild the Caliphate. This is something all the global elites want too.

A one world government is being pushed by both ends of the political spectrums. Germany will soon be a completely different country. On one hand, you have Merkel leading the weak cowardly self-serving leftists, and on the other hand, you have migrants organizing into gangs and publicly expressing their allegiance to their religion, and home countries, above all else. Which is a problem considering a lot of these refugees are fleeing ISIS and other extremists.

This problem has gotten so bad a German union police officer has started going around warning people that the government has already been compromised.

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