German Police Clock In 500,000 Hours Of Overtime In Wake Of Immigrant Invasion

The astronomical rise in police overtime is unwelcome even within government circles, which until recently went well out of it's way to accommodate the arriving migrants. Per Breitbart:

“Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced on the evening of September 13 that Germany would introduce controls on the border with Austria as record numbers of asylum seekers, most of them from the Middle East, had stretched the system to breaking point. ‘This step has become necessary,' he told a press conference in Berlin, adding it would cause disruption.

The Green Party interior expert Irene Mihalic criticized the steep climb in overtime. ‘The staffing situation for the Federal police is even more tense than the government has revealed,' she said. ‘The number of overtime hours that are incurred due to the current refugee situation shows that the Federal Police personnel are under strain.'

The deputy head of the police union (GdP), Jörg Radek, was also alarmed. ‘We have a situation where the overload limit has long passed,' he said.”

If even the Greens are calling for cracking down on immigration, then you know things must be getting bad!




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