German Finance Minister: Christians Can Learn From Islam

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble seem very concerned about education. So much so that wants Germans to see the Manchester, England terror bombing by Muslim radicals not as a warning, but rather has an opportunity for understanding. Given that he and Chancellor Merkel seem intent on destroying the German culture, perhaps this should not be a surprise.

The growing number of Muslims in Germany represents not a threat but a learning opportunity, said Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, discussing Islam in the wake of the Manchester attack.

“It is fanaticism, not only in Islam, that leads to terrible crimes,” he said, speaking on German public radio station Deutschlandfunk Wednesday evening, when asked about the Islamist attack in which 22 mostly young people, including an eight-year-old girl, lost their lives.

However, in this case it was Islamic fanaticism, and 22 people are dead as a result of it. And this is far from the only example of such an atrocity committed by Muslims. This is the fact that Schäuble wants to dance around admitting.

“The world’s great religions all preach the message that one must look upon others as their sisters and brothers, and that one must live with the other because man cannot live alone,” Schäuble told presenter Christiane Florin.

That statement is just a lie, and surely Schäuble isn’t so stupid that he doesn’t realize that. What he is saying is that the particular Islamic teachings on which these terrorists claim to base their actions do not exist. He then invents things out of thin air to support the positions he and the government he represents wish to spread. In fact, the terrorists and their supporters whom he is anxious not to offend, directly contradict what this man is saying.

‘Islam is part of Germany’ is a sober, factual statement,” the minister remarked, commenting on sentiments voiced by Chancellor Angela Merkel on more than one occasion – which are not shared by the majority of Germans.

“Anyone who denies this denies reality and is therefore not suited to being a politician, because politics begins with the confrontation of reality,” he added.

This man is so far from the truth that it’s difficult to frame words to describe what he is saying. In fact, he condemns himself. If “politics begins with the confrontation of reality,” as he avers, then his lies and his interpretation of events that have nothing to do with reality disqualify him from political leadership.

Here’s another statement that has nothing to do with reality or the truth:

“Many human values are very strongly realised in Islam. Think of hospitality, and other things like, what is there… And also tolerance, I believe, for example.”

Tolerance? Does this man own a television set or have access to the internet?

Again, Schäuble isn’t stupid. He and Merkel know exactly what they want to do. They wish destroy western culture in Germany, and in other nations as well if they can accomplish it. The globalist dream of a new world order demands this.

Source: Breitbart



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