Gerard Depardieu: The American People Constantly Destroy Others

French-born actor Gerard Depardieu, in an interview with Russian journalists said, “I adore my Russian passport. I feel very Russian inside.”

Although he played a man who desperately wanted an American job, he admits that he would never do that.

“I have never wanted to be a U.S. citizen. That’s totally out of the question. They have a very aggressive culture. And I don’t like US films.”

Depardieu was granted citizenship by President Vladimir Putin in 2013.  He has great disdain for America and believes Europe would be better off not listening to the United States.

“The US? They’re a people who have constantly destroyed others. They fought each other, destroyed the Indians, after that they perpetrated slavery, then there was the civil war,” added the actor. “After that, they were the first to use the atomic bomb. Everywhere they go, they cause s—t.”

So, did Depardieu miss all the atrocities done by Russia, aka the Soviet Union?  Did they not teach that 85 and 100 million people were killed under Stalin, when he attended his French schools?

Good riddens Depardieu, America does not need you or your films.

Source: Breitbart




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