Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Vetoes ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Vetoes ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill

In the Old Testament book of Isaiah, we are warned “woe be unto those who call good evil, and evil good.” This scripture applies to other times and peoples, but it is particularly apt for our day.

The standards underlying Christian-Judaeo beliefs have given rise to an ethic that has allowed the Western world to advance and prosper, even as individuals have been able to express their beliefs or disbeliefs openly and freely. But the politically correct and the destroyers of all things religious are fighting vigorously to excise belief and faith from the public square.

That is especially true with the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) community, which has become an obnoxious, bullying lobby that not only asks for the freedom to live how they will, but demands acceptance and support for their lifestyle, along with the rejection and destruction of religious standards and rights of anyone who does not support the LGBT lifestyle. And so we have gay couples who demand that Christian florists, bakers, and caterers participate and even attend their wedding ceremonies in spite of clearly held beliefs that these ceremonies are contrary to God’s law.

It is evil and cruel to demand that these religious believers essentially reject their faith so that LGBT couples can make their point and demand acceptance. LGBT individuals have even bankrupted and driven out of business Christian business people who simply did not want to violate their religious ethics. This outrageous and unconstitutional overreach by LGBT adherents is even condoned and supported by many in government, apparently in the mistaken belief that LGBT rights somehow should trump Christian rights.

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