Georgetown Prof: ‘Castrate’ Entitled White Men’s Corpses and ‘Feed Them to the Swine’

Georgetown Professor C. Christine Fair recently tweeted that “entitled white men” should be killed and that their corpses be castrated and fed to the swine.

Fair was referring to the to GOP Senators involved in Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing and in her tweet, she linked to a video of Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham defending Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from allegations of sexual assault.

Twitter has, quite unexpectedly, suspended her account.

The week before, Fair went on a profanity-laced Twitter tirade against Kavanaugh, calling the embattled nominee a “rapist” and “perjurer.” She described the GOP as a “f—ing death cult” and “filthy swine.”

One Georgetown student pointed out the oldest Catholic university in America would not recruit students with this kind of behavior in their online portfolio, and it makes no sense coming from a distinguished professor, either.

“I don’t think people that Georgetown actually employs should be held to a significantly lower standard,” one student told Campus Reform, “And clearly, any of her students that see this rant are going to feel threatened if they have opinions that differ from hers.”

Fair told Fox News the tweets are part of her “private speech” and referred to a blog post she wrote on her personal site in which she wrote she chose her words specifically, and they were “intended to make you uncomfortable.”

Source: Fox News


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