George W. Bush Says Ted Cruz Has Hijacked The GOP, “I just don’t like the guy.”

“I just don’t like the guy,” said George W. Bush about Ted Cruz at a GOP sponsored donor event for Jeb.  Politico spoke to a half a dozen donors (6?) and came away with some interesting sound bites of what George said at the event on behalf of his brother Jeb.

“[George W. Bush] sort of looks at this like Cruz is doing it all for his own personal gain, and that’s juxtaposed against a family that’s been all about public service and doing it for the right reasons. He’s frustrated to have watched Cruz basically hijack the Republican Party of Texas and the Republican Party in Washington,” another donor told Politico.

Another donor said this:

“Bush said he found it ‘opportunistic’ that Cruz was sucking up to Trump and just expecting all of his support to come to him in the end,” a donor told Politico.

Yet another person who attended the function reportedly told Politico,

Bush “said he thought Cruz was going to be a pretty formidable candidate against Jeb, especially in Texas and across the South,” said another donor.

Bush’s spokesman came out with a different reflection on the event and what was spoken.

Bush’s spokesman Freddy Ford denied Bush’s remarks. “The first words out of President Bush’s mouth last night were that Jeb is going to earn the nomination, win the election, and be a great President. He does not view Senator Cruz as Governor Bush’s most serious rival,” Ford said.

Unless one was in attendance, who REALLY knows what was said?

Source: Breitbart




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