George Soros’ Scheme to Change US Electorate

George Soros’ Scheme to Change US Electorate

I wonder how happy George Soros is with all the attention he's been getting?  My guess is that, considering what his goals are, he'd prefer to fly a bit more under the radar. In spite of the name of his “Open Societies Foundation,” transparency of motives is not a priority for Mr. Soros.  It's our old friend “relativism” again — someone's words often mean something other than what the person would have you believe they mean.

For a close-up view of how this works, we can turn to Soros' efforts to purportedly increase participation in the election process, and the removal of supposed barriers to that participation.  Taken at face value, that doesn't sound bad.  Who wouldn't support encouraging citizens to participate in the their elections?

But there's something missing from this description. And as is often the case, what isn't said is more important to an accurate understanding that what is said.  Here are the words you can add to the above discussion to really understand Soros' motives.




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