George Soros Caught Funding Human Trafficking Operatives

It's hard to think of something more sickening than a man raping his own daughters and running a human trafficking ring. But, to billionaire globalist George Soros those things are more of a badge of NWO honor.

The sick depraved world of the elites is stocked with everyday women and children. They might have their perfect silicone looking wife's in the background. But, when it comes to the barbaric sadistic pastimes of the global elites fresh blood must be brought in for the games.

According to a recent federal suit, George Soros’s right-hand man played a huge role in keeping elite dungeons well stocked. The lawsuit links George Soros to a human trafficking ring.

We can now officially say George Soros allocates money to projects and people hell-bent on harming the masses in the most depraved of means. Head on over to the next page to read about the sex dungeons uncovered to be funded and ran by George Soros and his right-hand man Howie Rubin



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