General Pleads With Servicemen not to Revolt

Disturbed by the possibility of revolt within the armed forces due to lingering tensions regarding the election, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford urged servicemen to remember their duty is to their nation first and only secondarily to any political party:

“’What we must collectively guard against is allowing our institution to become politicized, or even perceived as being politicized, by how we conduct ourselves during engagements with the media, the public, or in open or social forums,’ Dunford reminded troops.

Dunford further urged service members that the military must remain committed to the chain of command structure until the next administration comes in, and that the military should not undermine its credibility in the interim with the next president. ‘I have a duty to protect the integrity and political neutrality of our military profession,’ he continued.

Dunford’s comments also come amid increased concern that the U.S. military is becoming too politicized.”

Source: The Daily Caller



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