General Flynn: Country is Being Taken Over by a Very Small Minority of Marxists

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn warns that none of the recent events we are witnessing is without intent. Flynn told Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog that there is a ‘giant psyop' being run on the American people.

General Flynn says the election system must get fixed.  General Flynn warns, “The Arizona Legislature holds the future of our country because if they do not decertify, then these other states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and others . . .If they couldn’t do it, then why should we bother? . . . . If we do not resolve that issue, we cannot move forward with future elections in 2022 or 2024.  Those will be stolen just like the 2020 election.”

General Flynn says there is a giant psyop being run on the American people to take their eyes off of the 2020 election fraud.  General Flynn explains,

“Absolutely, Covid . . .Afghanistan, the border situation, and we are not even talking about the border situation anymore because its fallen down in three or four priorities in terms of what people are able to concentrate on …

We are going to see President Biden come out to talk about . . . lockdowns . . . and vaccines, and it is all to change the narrative…

They are going to try to take away the narrative of what happened in the election.  What they really wanted and believed is the theft of the 2020 election was going to be dead by about March of 2021, and the country would move on.  The American people are not stupid.  We are not a bunch of chumps that Biden has called us.  There is a bunch of intelligent Americans that are tired of the lies spewing out of the White House and spewing out of the mainstream media.”

As the former Head of the DIA, General Flynn sees the psyop on America from a relatively small group of people.  General Flynn says,

“They attempt to look bigger than they are, and they are able to do that through the media.  They are absolutely able to do that through the mainstream media.”

There is much more in the 44 minute interview.

Source: USAWatchdog



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