General Flynn: ‘Bannon Indictment Shows Democrats Moving to Complete Takeover’

General Flynn didn't mince words when he spoke with Tucker Carlson on Friday night. The Democrats are moving for an outright takeover of our country and doing so at a very fast pace.

“The assault on our freedom of speech, our ability to peaceably protest the right to seek the truth in our elections, systems, and processes.”

“This is all at risk in our country today.”

“And they don’t want us to be talking about these things,” he added.

The other big question, the 60,000-foot view, is when does this stop or is ever going to stop?”

“And I actually don’t see it stopping.”

“I actually think we are going to continuously see this relentless pursuit on what I am going to call our rights from top to bottom.”

“I actually advise everyone to go read the Bill of Rights because every single one of them is at risk under this particular regime that we are being dominated by.”

“To me, it’s this Republican establishment and these so-called Republican leaders.”

“What I hear from the American people is they are looking for leadership out of the Republican Party and the Republican Party, they’re not doing it.”

“They need to stand up, and they’re just not doing it.”


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