Gang of Blacks Beat Up Man for Voting Trump

There are a number of quotes that are appropriate at this point.  “Freedom of speech is for everyone, or it is for no one.”  “If you don’t believe in free speech for those whose views you abhor, you don’t believe in free speech.”  Those are points well-taken.  They are also points lost on the group of thugs who can be seen in the video below beating the daylights out of a man because, as you can hear in the audio, he supported Donald Trump.

Let there be no excusing this behavior because these criminals were victims of hostile talk from one or the other of the candidates.  Economic situation, social status, ethnic background — none of those things matter.  What matters is that a man who seemed to have been minding his own business was accosted and beat senseless because of his political beliefs.

We cannot expect such small-minded persons as those who perpetrated this crime to understand that freedom of political speech must be guaranteed to all.  However, what must be insisted that they understand is that their behavior was criminal and will result in their going to jail after being found guilty.

That will give them plenty of time to think over their actions and figure out what true civil rights are all about.



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