Galat: ‘Pope Francis Paving Way for the AntiChrist’, Warns Church of ‘Mafia of Cardinals’

The Colombian Catholic Church is demanding all clergies around the country warn congregants against watching or speaking of the Teleamiga network after director Jose Galat called Pope Francis a “false prophet paving the way for the antichrist” on a radio program.

An ultra-conservative university and television network director has fallen out of grace with Colombia’s Catholic church after claiming Pope Francis is a “false prophet” who is “paving the way for the Antichrist.”

The influential but radical Jose Galat, director of the Great Colombia university and Teleamiga television network, almost spewed fire when interviewed by Blu Radio about an impending papal visit to Colombia.

The Colombian Catholic Church had urged all clergies in the country to dissuade worshipers from watching the Teleamiga network after Galat had called the pope a false prophet in his talk show, “A coffee with Galat

Galat is not backing down on his description of Pope Francis. Furthermore, he doesn’t even believe that Pope Francis is the real Pope. Instead, he argues that “a mafia of cardinals” deviously pulled the strings to put Francis into a puppet position of power.

When interviewed about his collision with church authorities, Galat doubled down, claiming that the “real pope” is Benedict XVI, who resigned in 2013.

Francis “was elected by a mafia of cardinals,” according to the ultra-conservative TV network and university director.

You can’t understand the Catholic Church under Pope Francis on a strictly religious level. Pope Francis draws inspiration from the Dark Ages when the Holy Roman Empire served as the centralized government of Europe, and Muslims experienced the ‘Golden Age of Islam’.

The Podesta emails showed Pope Francis and the Democratic party conspiring to rebrand the Catholic faith into an ideology that aligned with a new world order. What is happening right now in Colombia between Galat and the overall Catholic Church powers that be, is just an extension of the political liberalization of the modern-day church.

Galat has opposed a peace process with the Marxist FARC rebel group together with former President Alvaro Uribe, who formed the hard-right Democratic Center party together with prominent “Laureanistas.”

Pope Francis, however, has openly supported the peace deal and will visit Colombia in September to put his religious weight behind the country’s peace process, much to the disapproval of the fascistic ultra-conservatives.

Colombia’s Catholic Church has been caught in the middle of the dispute with the Vatican promoting peace and democracy on one side, and radical thought leaders like Galat and Uribe opposing the political inclusion of communists on the other.

How is it not truly surprising to hear Pope Francis mentioned in the same sentence involving the acceptance of communists? Pope Francis has gone on the record numerous times threatening and bullying people into believing his new interpretations of the scriptures. He has gone on the record calling for a “new global political authority” to “save humanity”. There is a reason many people think the doom Pope Francis is foretelling is actually the end of the world and that no one who believes his blasphemy will be saved.

Source: Colombia Reports



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