Fukushima Fallout Gets Worse For The West Coast

According to All Pipeline News:

Since we last reported upon the environmental havoc that the Fukushima catastrophe was now having up and down the entire West Coast, ENENews has released 3 new stories that we felt we needed to share with you after reading there what the mainstream media refuses to publish. Most alarming is breaking news from the Southern California coast where we're just learning now that Fukushima nuclear waste was detected BACK ON April 4th at the highest levels seen in North America since the testing program began. 
8.4 Bq/m3 of radioactive cesium was measured on a beach between San Diego and Los Angeles and according to Woods Hole scientist Ken Buesseler, “As the plume begins to arrive along the West Coast [it] will actually increase in concentration… no public agency in the US is monitoring the activities in the Pacific… Without careful, extensive, consistent monitoring, we’ll have no way of knowing how much radiation from Fukushima is reaching our shores, and how it could affect life in the ocean.”

Weather predictions for the coming fall/winter months up along the Pacific coast is a “El Nino” type weather system.  This system will further flood the West Coast with more of this radioactive ocean water in the form of rain.

On August 20th, we heard what scientists are thinking about 3 rare oarfish found dead in recent weeks off of the coast of Los Angeles: ‘Unbelievable!' says one while another says “Of course I'm very concerned…for some reason they're dying….it's very strange.”Flesh is falling off of these sea creatures while they're still alive…they're also being found missing body parts…” What one fisherman called a ‘once in a lifetime thing' has been happening with increasing frequency since Fukushima as documented in great detail here.




Source: ENE NEWS

Source: All Pipeline News



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