French Writer: “The Great Replacement” Will Eradicate All White Europeans

French Writer: “The Great Replacement” Will Eradicate All White Europeans

What do we know about Paris in the way of its size?  Well, as a comparison, New York City is made up of over 10,800 miles, whereas Paris is closer to 9,000 miles in size.  As for population, New York City has over 26.8 million people (metro and outlying areas) while Paris has approximately 13.2 million.

When you consider that New York City, up until about two years ago, was the largest city in the world, you can see that despite Paris advantage in GDP ($600B vs. $460B) NYC still boasts more tourists (40B vs. 30B per year).

However, where the stark reality of differences in culture really clash is when we compare the Muslim populations of both cities.  In NYC, for instance, it is estimated that between 1.2 and 3.6% of the population is Muslim.  That would put the total Muslim population in NYC at between 600K and 1M.

In Paris, however, it was estimated in 2014 that the Muslim population accounted for approximately 7.5% of the total number of people, resulting in approximately 1M!  Some estimate that the number is even much higher today, upwards of by as much as 10%!

This drive has been mostly due to the nation being a member of the European Union, which by necessity, is bound to the rules of open borders between member nations.  If refugees, therefore, hemorrhage over the borders in Austria, they are then free to travel from one EU member nation to the next without the necessity of a passport.  Once inside the gilded cage of the EU, there is precious little in the way of legality that can expel a person.

This shocking policy by the EU, in addition to a very pliable and welcoming French government toward refugees has created a crisis of immigration far beyond anything envisioned by even the most Liberal and Socialist wing of the French government.

The results of these mandates has seen a dramatic rise in not only Muslim pockets within the nation, but whole neighborhoods in Paris deemed to be so-called “no-go zones,” meaning Muslims only are permitted to walk its streets in these sectors because of the marked frequency of violence toward Westerners who do not follow sharia law or Islamic creed.

On the following page, you’ll be able to witness, through several videos, the dramatic, and seemingly unending, waves of Muslims WHOSE SOLE PURPOSE FOR THIS MASS MIGRATION IS TO ESTABLISH, INFLUENCE, AND INSTALL MUSLIMS AT EVERY LEVEL OF SOCIETY, AND EVENTUALLY REPLACE THE FRENCH PEOPLE.  This is a prelude, America, to what we have in store for us and for which is already being pursued in the upper reaches of the United States![nextpagelink][/nextpagelink]



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