France Raids and Closes Mosques, Discovers Weapons and Military Armament

The opening line for this article also displayed the best in terror denial by the United States:

French authorities announced Wednesday they  shut down three mosques for an alleged “pattern of radicalization,” but terrorism analysts said such tactics are unlikely to be repeated in the USA.

That is wishful thinking because this already happened here and we made France look like romper room. After the Boston bombing, the city was overrun with tactical police running in and out of American’s homes. making Americans stand in the street with their hands up, getting searched, having their homes tossed, etc…  Sure, no Mosque was closed but that was only because one bomber confessed that is was the writings of Samir Khan
that inspired them.

In France, the Mosques themselves are like the Starbucks of Jihadist planning:

In the raid, police confiscated  a 9mm handgun, a computer hard drive hidden behind a wall and jihadist propaganda. Cazaneuve said police discovered documents about an unregistered Quranic school.

An underground Islamist institution that is supported by a Mosque in broad daylight? This is how far France let things go in denying there was a problem.

The United States is at the crossroads of this journey now. We can change our denial to acceptance and have some awkward conversations, or we can keep hiding our heads in the sand and pretend Jihadists aren’t really there.

Source: USA Today



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