Fox News Hires “ObamaCare Architect” Who Hopes Everyone Dies at 75

Like something out of a George R. R. Martin novel, Fox News has pulled the flesh away from its public façade and revealed for the first time in spectacularly blatant fashion its true behind-the-veil face:  corporate Leftism.  Not that this has not been an on-going baby-steps process for the number-one-rated cable news network.  They have been inching toward that goal of Liberal ideology since about five years ago, ramping up their hiring of Leftists in broad format.

For now, they are somewhat comfortably safe in their pseudo-Republican surroundings, but like RINOs to the fake news microphone, Fox News can’t seem to help featuring (more prominently everyday, I might add) Leftist spin doctors and RINO apologists.  I say they are safe right now, but pretty soon, over the next two years or so, their Regressive roots will begin to entangle even Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson themselves.  Within these next two years, the hatred of Donald Trump and his nationalist supporters will be front and center, unaided by guests who stand with him, unless they are completely outnumbered by a Moderate mob mentality.

Within two years, Hannity will be divorced from Fox News, Carlson’s may possibly stick around because his ratings will be too high to be ignored, and the alternative Right radio and internet television paid sites will fill the void that Fox News has created by its abandonment of its original loyal audience demographic:  the everyday American.

As a break-out start to this death-knell endeavor that Fox is obviously committed to, they have hired an ultra Left-wing loyalist as their new medical activist…uh, analyst.  If the name Ezekiel Emanuel is not real familiar, you may be more familiar with his brother, Rahm Emanuel, current mayor of Chicago and former Obama strong-arm to Congress.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is the architect of ObamaCare, the Unaffordable Care Act, that has completely ravaged the American healthcare system, taking a superior medical community in the world to a collapsing, third-world level system of well-being that is inferior to perhaps even Canada’s or Great Britain’s (and that’s saying a lot).  Dr. Emanuel is the go-to guy that Obama hired to realize his Liberalist Utopian pipedream of an extermination of the American healthcare system (second to none on the planet) and replacing it with a single-payer network of government-run exchanges that would rape the American taxpayer, keep in place the Cadillac plans for government workers (of course) and ensure that everyone else in the country became Arthur Gordon Pym trapped in a lifeboat where straws would be drawn to see who would be devoured by the others.

Ezekiel has some insane ideas regarding death and mandating (eventually) whether or not someone lives or dies.

In a highly touted article titled “Why I Hope to Die at 75,” published in The Atlantic Monthly in October 2014, Emanuel, who is 60 or 61 but looks like he is fast closing in on 75, wrote “this manic desperation to endlessly extend life is misguided and potentially destructive.” A maximum lifespan of 75 years, he added, “forces each of us to ask whether our consumption is worth our contribution.” This, from a licensed medical doctor who presumably at some point may have taken the traditional, newly-minted doctors’ oath to “First do no harm.” In another irony, Emanuel is considered a leading bioethicist and is widely quoted as a reigning expert on medical ethics issues.

Emanuel goes on for over 5,100 words in the Atlantic Monthly article trying to make his case – for exactly what, one wonders after reading it. He doesn’t appear to advocate mass killings of everyone who reaches the age of 75 – including himself.

I’m neither asking for more time than is likely nor foreshortening my life. . . Nor am I talking about waking up one morning 18 years from now and ending my life through euthanasia or suicide. . . I am talking about how long I want to live and the kind and amount of health care I will consent to after 75.

So, without exactly spelling out his prescription for old age in the New Transformed America – that as a top advisor to President Obama he helped to usher in – the renowned bioethicist appears to be recommending in his lengthy screed no medical treatment for people older than 75 other than palliative or hospice care that would help to hasten or would not impede these unfortunate geriatrics on their road to a quick death.

This is the guy that Fox News has now hired as is medical analyst, but interestingly, it appears that Fox is more intent on getting his political views, particularly about Trump and impeachment, than it is about ObamaCare.

The turning point in his role – and an indication of where Fox News is heading – was his appearance on the high-profile, politically-charged Fox News Sunday. In addition to the nation’s cable and satellite channels, Fox News Sunday is also broadcast on over 200 Fox network-owned or -affiliate terrestrial broadcast television stations around the country.

An excerpt from the July 16th program’s transcript provided by Fox News is illustrative:

CHRIS WALLACE [Fox News Sunday host]: Since you’re a panelist, I’m not going to call you Dr. Emanuel. I’m going to call you Zeke.
EZEKIEL EMANUEL, M.D. [Fox News Contributor]: That’s fine.
WALLACE: How far as a committed Democrat are you prepared to go? Because – I mean, we aren’t going to talk in specifics. But are you willing to see the country paralyzed for the next year? Are you willing – if – and I repeat – if more information comes out to see the president impeached, how far do we need to go on this?
EMANUEL: Well, we have – democracy is at stake here in America. Having our biggest enemy, Russia, come in and try to meddle and change our election that is the bedrock of democracy. That is the most important thing.
I do not want to see this country paralyzed, but I do not want to see our democracy undermined by having the president of the United States colluding and his officials colluding with Russia.
And, remember, there are – you know, when people go into government, they actually have to abide by the laws here. And one of the laws is you can’t get anything of value, whether money or other things of value from a foreign country.
WALLACE: Let me just bring –
EMANUEL: Opposition research is true, it’s of value. It may not be dollar value.
WALLACE: Well, I was going to say, you heard what [White House attorney] Jay Sekulow had to say about that. . .
EMANUEL: Democracy is a very fragile thing. We have seen in other countries, Turkey is a very good example of how someone can win an election and totally undermine democracy by taking down judicial independence, the press, and reelection.

This family of Emanuels is revolutionary at its core.  Rahm Emanuel’s fetish for protecting illegals goes back to his father’s days in the Jewish terror organization, Irgun, that was standing up for the rights of Jewish illegals who were pouring into the motherland in the late 1930s and early 1940s, before Israel was a reality and was still under British occupancy and called the Jewish State.  As for the Leftist penchant for rioting and destroying things, Irgun was responsible for many terrorist attacks, via bombs, on various different British institutions before they were shut down permanently and the leaders arrested.  Later, their more clear-headed remnants went on to form the Likud Party, the Right-wing Jewish Party to which Benjamin Netanyahu belongs currently.

Whether or not Fox continues to move Leftward, it is without a doubt a compulsion that Fox executives cannot ignore.  Their core is Regressive, they are committed Leftists in the Party of the Jackass, and they have never felt comfortable embracing their viewers or their message.  This move makes sense for its CEOs and it will eventually lead to their downfall.  Without a doubt, the top-rated shows on cable news used to be Right-wing Conservative views, especially at the Fox News zenith of its domination.  Since the fall of so many of their pseudo-Conservatives and faux-Right-wing hosts, their ratings are being fast approached (and possibly overtaken) by other ultra Left-wing alternatives.  Take a look at how close the ratings gap is between Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.  A mere 100K viewers separates them.  That’s because the dearth of true Conservative programming has now overtaken the network and many who used to be staunch defenders of Fox have since abandoned their loyalty.

My prediction:  Look for the hiring of Ezekiel Emanuel, as well as a host of many other soft RINO apologists and a slew of hard-edged Liberal activists and that recipe, like something concocted by Seamus Finnegan, will completely explode in Fox News faces.  It won’t be two years before the announcement on fake news networks is made:  “Breaking News:  Fox News Channel is no longer number one in the ratings!”

And honestly, I’m breathlessly awaiting that moment.  Perhaps a real Conservative network will crop up instead that is loyal to the viewers and sincere in their beliefs.  I’ll be crossing my fingers.

Source:  American Thinker

Image: The Aspen Institute



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