Former Trump Campaign Official Claims White House Hiding Las Vegas Shooter’s Connections to ISIS

DISCLAIMER THIS IS A REPORT. Scroll down to view Truth and Action’s response to these explosive allegations surrounding the Las Vegas shooting.

A former Trump campaign official is claiming members of the current administration are hiding the true motive of the Las Vegas shooting, just like former President Obama’s administration did with the Orlando shooting. Obama’s administration initially scrubbed all mention of Allah, ISIS, and jihad in the Orlando nightclub shooter’s call to the police declaring his intentions.

According to his sources, Stephen Paddock, the man alleged to have been the shooter, made an ISIS propaganda tape, and authorities are refusing to reveal as it discloses an even bigger piece of the puzzle surrounding the shooting.

“There is a video, this video will prove the motive. He had a secret digital profile that was uncovered over the last 24 hrs,” claims Brower.

Former Massachusetts Trump campaign official James Brower is the source of these explosive revelations. Brewer states he has leaked information directly from within the White House.

But, the shooter allegedly being linked to ISIS is only half the story. The Trump administration isn’t holding back out of fear of calling a radical Islamic terrorist a radical Islamic terrorist. If this leak is true, the entire U.S. is on alert.

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