Former Rep. Chaffetz: Sessions Will Not Prosecute Anyone

Who knew that when Donald Trump gained the presidency, that three-quarters of his appointments would still remain unfilled by the end of his first term?  That’s what looks to be the case as we’re fast approaching the end of this year.  Nearly 1,000 positions predominantly empty at this point.  As well, very important staff appointments for his executive-level remain unfilled as well.

A Congress led by the Republicans remains damnably silent on when (and even IF) they will be voting on any legislation that is important to the voters of the Republican Party.  In essence, this Congress led by Swamp RINOs has given a huge middle finger to the American people and there is little more we can do, except vote them out when their time comes.

That process has already begun with the excommunication of McConnell’s best buddy, Luther Strange in Alabama.  However, is it enough?  Can the American people, who have labored so long and so hard to rid this blight on Washington DC of its power and authority, really afford to deal much longer with a complacent RINO Establishment, a Leftocrat blockade of the Trump agenda, and an intelligence community that loathes its commander?

Add to that, now, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his demonstrable aversion to upsetting the Swamp.  His actions on immigration laws are admirable and there is certainly a dent being made in this offensive movement by the Left.  However, his complete lack of steel cajones everywhere else along the legal lines is what is driving some lawmakers in Congress nuts.  According to the former US Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, the Department of Justice is pretty much content with fixing illegal border-jumping and…nothing else.

As to the questions of the Fast & Furious, IRS, Hillary email destruction, and Clinton Foundation scandals, I do believe that Jeff Sessions will continue to ignore the situations until they pass out of sight and out of mind for Congressional legislators.  While the people will not forget, the Establishment will quietly go on holiday every chance they get and avoid all those pesky and annoying questions.

It may be time for a good old-fashioned petition to the president for a new Attorney General…one who’s not afraid of the Clintons or the intelligence community.  Sadly, I don’t believe there are many left who aren’t.



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