Former Pfizer Vice President Blows the Whistle: “The Vaccine is Deadly”

Former Pfizer vice president, Dr. Peter Rost was at the top of the industry.  He was wealthy, powerful, and influential in the medical community and in the government.  Over the course of his tenure at Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant's profits soared as they pioneered new and seemingly miraculous methods of curing or containing dangerous and deadly diseases, illnesses, sicknesses and viruses.

Following years in charge of a multi-billion dollar corporation, Dr. Rost stepped down when practices in the pharmaceutical industry became questionable.  Rost no longer envisioned pharmaceuticals as an industry dedicated to helping people, but more as a corporation dead-set on producing profit, even at the expense of its patients, even if they had to concoct results that fit the narrative of big pharma being the world's leading destroyer of disease.

Dr. Rost has for a few years been raising the alarm on his former industry, but most recently has come out and blown the whistle on the dastardly practices of pharmaceutical companies and its brethren in the industry regarding a specific vaccine that was used on women for curing cervical cancer.

That's not all.  Two boys whose sister was vaccinated with this very medicine called Gardasil decided back in 2011 to document her horrible, life-threatening experience with the vaccine.  The project expanded to include various scientists and doctors who knew the truth and were willing to talk about it.  The film project, One More Girl, has been in limbo ever since, after more than $42K was raised to finance it.  The boys, their various film accounts, related social media posts, have all been deleted without explanation.  A new theory is that big pharma got to them!

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