Former Congressman Warns of Last Minute False Flag by Obama

Ron Paul, M.D. is an amazing man.  He served as a Flight Surgeon in the Air Force.  He is also an OB/GYN having delivered thousands of babies.  He is very well versed in the Austrian school of economics, which seals his credentials as a real champion of limited government and sound money.  As a Congressman, he was a constant thorn in the side to the Federal Reserve Bank.  And he's a whole lot of other great things too numerous to mention here.

Here's his warning.

Former Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul warned that a “false flag” event could get President-elect Donald Trump in a foreign entanglement and said a “shadow government” undermined President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller Monday.

The idea of a “shadow government” is not a new one to the pages of this site.  Dr. Paul's mention of it only adds credibility to the possibility of its existence.

Dr. Paul also finds the presence of the “neocons” to be very ominous, and is concerned that Donald Trump has been talking to them.

Paul has made a career partly out of attacking policies that championed the Iraq war, but the libertarian does not think that Trump’s victory marked a defeat for neoconservatives. “He’s very friendly with a lot of them right now, he’s talking to them,” Paul said. “We don’t have a final answer, we have to wait to see who get’s appointed.”

He added, “He doesn’t talk about blowback and coming out of these countries. He has a better policy with Russia but I think he still is talking with the neoconservatives.”

The neocons do represent a real danger.  They are rabidly pro-war, eager to inject US military personnel into nations such as Libya and Syria to install leaders friendly to the US.  Desirous of establishing US hegemony over the world, they are also very anti-Russia and anti-Putin, ready to take provocative actions against that nation — positions that are the complete opposite of Trump's positions he expressed during the campaign.

Don't panic yet.  But remain vigilant.  The neocons are no friend to liberty-loving Americans.  Keep in mind that they primarily supported Hillary, or at least opposed Trump.  They need to be retired to the sidelines and kept there.  They do not need to be re-energized in a Trump presidency.

Source:  The Daily Caller



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