Former CIA Official Threatens President Trump on CNN

It is no secret that President Donald John Trump holds the FBI and other government intelligence agencies in low regards. And with little wonder, these agencies have made little secret of their disdain for their democratically elected non-establishment President.

These attacks against the President by the FBI are not just the subject of speculation and conspiracies. The mainstream media has gotten so corrupt under the indispensable leadership of the puppet Barack Hussein Obama, the CIA now has no qualms about going on national fake news television and bragging about their ability to take out President Trump.

However, the left holds none of the outrages they surely would’ve should the CIA have come out on CNN promising to up their war against former corruptor-in-chief Obama. But, now it is nothing but glee among the corrupt hypocritical sewer creatures and their vast myriad of enablers.

The war is just beginning!

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